Monday, August 31, 2009



my name tag without photo

leave my company for 4days already. since i work in this company for 5months already, quite a long period for me... because last time i got nick name, called "partime fulltimer" or " partime queen"... hahaha... what i plan to do after this? erm.... study!! i wan study since long long time ago. haihh.. what a sad story and i dun feel like tell. "when u go to study?" cos this is my sensative question before and now still....... urghhh.......

my desk, my laptop

my uniform

photo when my company roadshow

now im jobless...... but i still get order from my sewing item ......... hehehe what a good thing! come come!! order from me..!! i really hope that i can go do what i want to do like others...
god! i pray now...
"god bless me"
thanks god

PS: going to kl tomoro, find fugu bi... wuhooo~~~ "shopping"hanging out"drink" my happy day!!
plh bday also. celebrate in skybar.... still thinking going anot.. hehee wuhoo~ weekend!!








Saturday, August 29, 2009


couple cushion
special designed for nic from ellie

this is it

"ying ying, love you from nic
keep u in my pocket
keep u in my heart
love u forever"
this is what my pillow means............

**anyone want order from me????
only rm 25 per cushion**

i like......... very much!!
i sew - i draw
100% handmade


grey + dark purple

this is my draf.....

PS: 2 more days i will leave my company.....

PPS: MERDEKA!! MERDEKA!! haihh..... have to work on national day.. haihhh


now with packing!!

paoyen ordered 2sets of pouches from me.... already almost one month and now only i got done!

one set rm23....
(multi-purpose pouch + pocket tissue pouch)

and here is the packing......
low cost packing LOL~
hope u don't mind la

do like the fabrik very much.....
paoyen thanks for "bong chan"

Monday, August 24, 2009



this is my cousin sister, jia hui. she like to introduce her self JANET when we asked her what your name.. hehee^^ she is so cute and adorable..... she like to come to my house because my sister, elena like to play with her n talk to her. my house got dogs, and i like to ban leng leng with her.. hehee^^ quite a happy day ya!

so cute right the picture?? heheee.
she keep saying "ah ken kiss ngor."
cos my dog like to lick ppl's face....

after dinner then my mama sent her back to her mama....
see! my dogs likes her tooo.....

danny said tonight go era square, drink again... this time not much people. oni foong, peng, wai, lch, keong, loong, canmy, bobo, pauline, thing and i.... this time really boring.. everyone was just sit there and drink... untill thy spot 4girls beside our table. hahaaa.. really funny lo... and ah thing won in a drink beer competition, he won rm200... wuhoo~~

and one thing, that sentence make my mood gone that night.
some one said "go untill where also wants to take photo, really no once she never take photo when we drink here." this make me no mood to take photo again.. even i got took few photos but oso not nice cos no mood to smile at the camera d.. i like to take photo canot isiit? i like to bring my camera everywhere canot isiit? dun care ppl doing what, u dun like then just ignore.

before i go out, im waiting for ah keong to fetch me... thatday i was in good mood u knw... play with my make up, my camera and my clothes, everythings....

u spoil my day...... *sad*

these the pics that i still in good mood

the nicest photo of the night

[Photo]the 1st picture of the night also... bboy and keong!

my mood now is so down while im writting blog and msn with simon... haihh hard to explain..

my mood set to


my new friend~


i know thi person so long already, and she knw me this person so long d. but we never talk and never sayhi before. but now i do.... thanks for helping me to order shirt online, jar. i think i forgot to ask u what should i call u, "jar" or "aiqii" or "meiqi" or else.... hahahaaaa...... happy to hang out with her last friday. n she just live nearby my house ^^ easy to look for her also..... i was meeting her because i need to collect the shirt from her. we went to era square(kensington) and had a drink...

~the happy moment we had~

PS: i will post my shirt here nextime, really nice!! and bags also..... wait for it ya~

PPS: haihh... merdeka on this weekend... no offday this weekend. WTFFFFFF..... urghhh

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


order from me
for her friend, jiawen's graduation

J = jiawen

how is it?? nice?? hehehe... hope u like it la...
thanks ya, bee....

Saturday, August 15, 2009



everyday working from 10am to 7pm then go home "lan" and sleep... but something special on yesterday night was i went to YUEN stemboat in sunway after work... i miss the chicken wings, i miss the tomyam soup... wuhooo~~ i love it... me, ah thing, foong, ah loong, ah wai, ah keong, bobo, pauline, lch and he brought a girl yesterday, mushroom head* ooops sorry, her name is ah teng i think... hehee.....

u know... here is the sad thing.. haihh~~ dunfoon!!!

u know they all plan to go clubbing after steamboat and i dun know!!! i dun know, thats the thing that i really mm song... urghhhhhh.... really no people tell me about this.... issshhhh. i have to work today, and i thought just go there for steamboat then go home so i never dress up lo. haihh... cos if they tell me got tis plan then i will choose to offday on saturday n sunday... haiya nevermind la, let them go la.... hehehe

duno why im okay. heheee... normally "lily" sure pissed off till duno how d.... but this time i really okay!!

smile :)

maybe i really changed d heheee ......

GANBATEH!!!! NE~~~~~

Tuesday, August 11, 2009



offday on last saturday and sunday... my brother RYAN came back from singapore on friday night.... saturday night we went to ERA SQUARE to drink.. where else?!!!---> J STREET...

everybody were here except ah bee.. haihh.... no need to work on weekend, *happy*!!!in the afternoon as usual go my uncle's coffee shop lepak with my cousins n aunties...

bobo the one who always like to act
with my big shade.

the spot of the night^ wcw hug canmy

music playing...*tonight gonna be a good night, tonight gonna be a good good night..........*
many photos coming.......

ellie's section

sammi's section

ryan's section

pauline's section

who's the hamsup lou of the night?

*.......tonight gonna be a good good night~~


Friday, August 7, 2009


hawaii steak house in seremban
dinner with eling in hawaii... never go eat and chat with her before. i know her since erm.... 2year? or 3years i think.. eheehee do u know she is my realative actually, my cousin sister. my real family side. hehee... lastime she was my fren's galfren. untill i saw she took picture with my 3rd sister and i asked"ei, u knw this gal gah?" then my sister told me that she is my cousin.. wahahha then oni i know... she is a nice person, likes to talk haha, same age with me. maybe because of this, i felt very comfortable when talking or hang out with her.. hehee
tadah!!!! here she is.......

i ordered a black pepper chicken and she ordered a mushroom chicken... sorry forgot to take picture of it. cos i staright away go meet up with her after work. too hungry forgot to take picture... hehehe quite nice la, and cheap leh!! hehee oni rm 10.50 for my black pepper chicken, cheap rite?? hehehe....

double E ^ellie-eling^
happy day with her^sopoh, wahahaa. after dinner we went to night market. and i saw aiming's mama hehehee... aunty karen walk alone, chammmm.... i guess uncle not yet come back so aunty have to hunt for food in night market gua.. hehee... ohya!! i bought 2 shirt for my mama n my sister. damn cheap lo, oni RM10!!!!! cheap right? hahaa suite my sister n mama la, cos is big size.... hehehe. n i bought one purple shirt with a big ribbon yesterday.. nice also RM10 oni hehee... *HAPPY* and eling bought a gold colour belt(rm10) hehee. cheap cheap stuff....

PS: looking forward for tomoro night.... ban leng leng, take more picture tomoro hehehe

Thursday, August 6, 2009


"forever 21"
"jesslyn" ...jess-es... "jessmine"
aka thickpau & smallpau aka ebi & fugu aka ah che & ah mei
hahaa many names... i forgot the "dong cik mai" d...

ellie loves u...... ah che n fugu bi

haih, jesslyn always dunwan take picture with me one..... haihh cant find one pic of jesslyn n i.. haihh sad... FUGU BI nextime take more picture with me la.. aigooooo
^^here is the present for the J twins.....

charm from "thomas sabo" for jesslyn aka fugu bi.
me, xinli, jeewei, aiming shared this present....

this is the gold charm bracelet for jessmine aka ebi
from me!! hehehe

haihh sad sad sad!! one in melbourne, one in kl, two i also cant reach thr to celebrate with them... jesslyn in kl, i got work cant go, jessmine in melbourne too far i cant go also... haihh, sumore two jess-es cant celebrate together... sorry fugu bi cant make it to kl today... but nevermind la dear, hayden, li, seth and ur frens leh.... thy will teman u geh.... when i finish this work d, i become so free d then can always go kl teman u lo.. hehehe

have a nice day babe~~~~
muackss muackss

PS: tonight got dinner with eling... wuhoo~~ chit chat with her sopoh... go eat steak tonight..
PPS: ryan, my bro coming back by tomoro... wuhoo~ big gathering with my cousins again. this time maybe joey n yuko also will join us.. yeshh