Thursday, September 22, 2011



This is the only thing i can say, sorry! Sorry that let you listen something that you don't want to know about. Sorry for disturbing you in the way of my annoying voice. Sorry that make you irritated that always hear about me. Sorry that you feel so uncomfortable with my face and voice.

Sometimes people not interested on your life story or don't even feel interest a single thing about you. But what i did was, blablabla...... and talk alot non-stop. Maybe you don't wanna listen to me but because of manners so you "layan" me. This is what i felt. Or maybe im wrong? I don't know. You know the feeling of that? Of cause i'd improved compare from last time but im still feel sad about this. Hurt!!

*mou diu shan gong* level drop =(

At the same time i really feel left out. Don't ever say me think too much or anything. i bless that people will always like "oh, wheres ellie?", "why ellie not here today?", "ellie! do you want to join us?" Hmmmm..... In the same way, i'll always ask " can i join?", "may i ?" or say some thing and wait for people to invite.

I really glad that a person who really ask me for help. That means we're no more mind or don't mind. When a person who don't like, but you always ask them to help. Maybe they felt annoying, we don't know! Sorry that i troublesome you.

Why so hard to find a right person to talk to and share to? Why!!

-sukidayo, tomotachi-

Sunday, September 18, 2011


i cried, i cried after seeing a video clip in facebook :"(

this is the one !

i feel so sad, i feel so pain, i feel so angry!! Why they can be like this? dogs is our best friend!!! seeing them caught them in the cage and throw them from the lorry, use to punch them by the face ........ OMG!! i cried...... they are crying, they are asking for help!

sooooooooooooo PLEASE, PLEASE don't ever maltreatment your pets.

say NO to animal cruelty!!please

Friday, September 16, 2011


Another new thing came to me again. Shoe design competition!! my first time to enter a shoe design competition and my first time of drawing shoe pattern. Its a new challenge to me. Although i felt abit not confident cause i know nothing about shoes, but i'd tried my best on this competition. So i hope i can get good result or get some new experience.

Do you want to see my design?

here it is ..

"its inspired from a way of an adopted girl who feels insecured. she have always been scared of public humiliation and rejection.the focal point of the design is the head part of the shoes. its like a hand grasping your feet to give the feeling of security. the brickwall's silhouette of the heel symbolizes self protection and strength. there's another transparent layer over it and it can be removable."

How do u think? Nice?

i 'd spent the 2days finish this design. okay, almost 2days la. from night 12am to 7am and 10am to 5pm. its really killing me!! tired, stressed and SLEEPY!! cant even open my eyes. but thanks god, finally i done my work before the due date =)

if "if", sorry!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

'E' what do u think E means?


What do you think E means to you?


hmmmm, E meant to me is EMO.

Its been a long time i never mention this word in my facebook or anything. But today EMO comes back to me, i don't know why! HAHA..... maybe too manythings in my mind? I think its because of when i got things to share but cant find someone to share with then i will be emo. hmmm... Many things still pending, need to be done at the same time. Stressed!

Yesterday went to a secondary schoolmate's birthday celebration, my friends asked me "got boyfriend already anot?" i was like "hmmm... don't have la", "too busy already". and then i realized the whole room right, all is couples. only left me and another friend. Plus, he also got girlfriend one. SO FAILED! sitting in the karaoke room, singing alone, everyone talking with their partner. Always sad when comes to this topic. =( i think i better stay in the house and do my work....

Compare to lastime, now i feel more happy but sometimes i still feel left out. its because i feel unsecured all the time? Hmmmm, canot help. Lets time fix it.

go vintage!