Saturday, December 24, 2011


i think there's a lots more things that i don't know about. feel sad when i knew it.

so do u think i should know it or never ever know it?

just been through a tough period that i never try before. its hard, its stressed, its really sad and its really speechless sometimes. BUT, i'd been through all these things. im glad and im happy that i can work out in this situation. *claps for my self* in this world there's a lot of different kind of people. in this 3weeks, i saw quite a lot. some times i was just like the time that im busying my stuff and never listen about gossips or any updates, cos i will be forget all the sadness and anything that will spoil my mood and feeling. after these all, the feeling is back again and i hate this feeling. right after the competition, i got to know 2cases that really makes me back to status "E". and today one more! haihhhhhh.....

ellie, are you really here?
why people can't see you?

okay, can't say people can't see me cos there's others more that is always cares for me and loving me. i feel so happy when i with them. i said before " i love those who loves me" =) *hugs*

after the 3 weeks time, there is always never ending story. another week to rush . and new year is coming very very soon! chinese new year is very soon too!! manythings haven't done! i have to move fast now, if not canot make it on time.

i will do a long post after this cos i need to update what i'd done within this 3weeks times =)

*little pink hand on my shoulder*