Monday, November 28, 2011


Ellie is a name that not easy to remember??


Thursday, November 24, 2011


Dont care how sincere when u're saying sorry or how many times u mentioned, ITS DOESN'T WORK on those who don't even listen/ care what you're talking about.

When someone is really ignoring you, they will just :

"oh i see"
"oh really"
"(only an answer)"
"apa hal"

Last one is TOTALLY IGNORE YOU! din't give any respond and change another topic.

I was just sad when i feel to say sorry because of some causes, but they're no people to give respond and some more i repeated so manytimes still cant get any respond.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011


i got no reply.

i got no confirm.

i got no calling.

i got no one.

been emo-ing since this morning. i think a lot. and i did a lot today and i got no reply and i got not invited and i got no one to share with. everyone have a close one and i have no one, sorry to say that. do anyone before do something will think about "ellie" first? do anyone think about "ellie" when they are planning some where to go?

sometimes im sad because why when i do something i will think about others and i will treat as good as i can but im still not in their mind. for them "ellie" is a nothing. even how good i did and how good i am, no one will remember and think about me.

if theres any help that needs me, so then only they will call me or find me. otherwise, wont!

sorry to those who care about me because i emo again cos i promised that i'll be more positive. sorry and let me emo for a day. i know theres have many who care about me but i really need a close one. CAN YOU PLEASE GIVE ME ONE?

some times when a person called u and you missed it, will you make a call back?
or maybe when a person text you and you see it and you just ignore or maybe forgot.
*from the different way you can see.....
-"OMG!! got missed call from XXX!!" faster call back.
-"=..=, ooh he/she called me." ignored and wait for he/she call back.

i saw everyone have one.

i envy.

i want one.

*love those who love me*

Monday, November 14, 2011


wonder how i wonder what i wonder that i wonder to know whats im wondering......

-stay happy-

Monday, November 7, 2011


Things to do : (by 5th nov)
- 2 full garments (3 pieces)
- sister's dinner wear
- mama's dinner wear
- order from eyonne (wedding stuff)
- mine own dinner wear

Stay in the school for a week, everyday sleep at 4am or 5am and wake up at 9am and continue! STRESSSSSSSSED!! 2garments have to be done by 5th nov and some more my sister's dress and mama's dress, OMG, these makes me so sick. everyday was just thinking " can i finish all in one week?" Been stressed up for whole week but luckily i got friends too which is rushing order sleep over in the school with me, and we called it " honeymoon 5 days 4 nights in SML " ! this
"honeymoon" really priceless! There's many funny things happened in this week. This is most memorable and unforgettable.And I also make sandwiches and cook in SML, so fun!!

Before the week i sleep over in the school, i went to singapore to visit my sisters and friends. This trip is so exciting! Last minute renew passport then straight away off to singapore.

Finally i'd visit H&M!! YEAH !!
So many nice clothes and its 3floors. Loves the accessories and its CHEAP! this is the point, wahahha! but this season not very suit us cos winter collection all winter clothes and jacket,
scarf...... hmmmm, I just bought a black long sleeve fit dress and a red colour hair accessories. Other than that i'd shopping at bugis and orchard, quite a lot of stuff i'd bought.

i meet with hayden, jeewei, hwalik and doris! miss them sooo much !! went dinner and shopping with them. =) *happydela* *hughug*

My sister, ah bee brought me to bai bai and the temple is very very nice! Now only i know singapore's temple so nice interior. Been driving almost 30mins to get reached. Its quite far doh!

Beside that i meet with my friend too, and he captured me with his camera and i do like it, Thanks ya, amoi! XD

Finished 3days 4 nights in singapore, followed my brother car go back to seremban to attend my little baby twins cousins birthday party. Carry my bag pack and 2 big of paper bag, take train to my brother office. That day was really frustrated. Firstime to get there and not familiar, took the wrong turn and i was carrying so many things, so damn heavy! really alsmot cry. Walk down the overhead bridge to cross the road and my paper bag handle broke and my stuff all drop on the stairs. T.T luckily got a person passby help me. haihhhhh~

So how the happy trip comes to the end....