Saturday, March 28, 2009


Jesslyn's fashion show - 26th march..........
going to glam~~~ woooooow!

i went to KL to find jess one day before her fashion show. and we shop in pavilion with all her classmates to buy some stuff and clothes to wear. jess bought a dress and some accessories in forever21. so when we went back to jess's house, she start to do her own work and do praperation for the next day. i help her untill 4am then i went to sleep and she was still working on it. the next day morning around 0930, i followed her to Marriot Hotel to help her as a PERSONAL ASSISTANCE. haha~ when i reached there all her classmates said "yo~ jesslyn got a PA with her. " and said to me "meili you're so pity, need to do like a kuli." hahahaha........ so i help her untill 2pm and WTF! I NEVER EAT FOR THE WHOLE MORNING! urghhhhh...... and later i drove jess's car to UM to fetch xinli. luckily i know the way to UM from Starhill and go back to jess's house :D

okay~ let start the make over section...
xinli and i was trying the dresses that we brought to jess's house. trying trying and trying...... put on make-up and more. we have to go there earlier to bring something to jess before the exibition, so we went there around 0500.......

TAAAAAAAAHDA~~~ we finally done

xinli and i

i drove her car from her house to Starhill- Marriot Hotel again. while i was driving, xinli started playing with her camera already. taking picture of herself and taking picture of me.

blek :P

heavy rain out there. when i reached, there already got alot of people. and i still need to help her to do things. she was like very busy there, go here go there. so okay~ i help her lo.....

finally done.. TAHDA, jess's booth

ji hoo look-a-like???

he is eden and we use to call him dien dien. that night he wore untill like ji hoo and ji hoo's hair style... hahahaha. xinli shouted:"yo~ he looks like ji hoo loh!" and "i wan to take picture with him" LOLLLLLL

xinli and dien dien (he so cute, LOL)

jess^the designer and i

okay, finish all her stuff already, and the exibition started then xinli n i went for the food. we're super super super HUNGRY lo. and there're not much food to eat also. like fried rice noodle, meat ball, chicken pai, cake roll, some cookies, fruits and more. kind of cheaplak food right?!!! ishhhh..... i only ate the fried rice noodle, cake roll, chicken pai and fruits thats all. others like not good looking taste. HAHAHA.. there are so many people around the food, so we just stand at a corner and eat our food. suddenly a lady came over n said "we are from xin zhou re bao. we are looking for pretty girls, can i take a picture of you both(xinli n i)?" we were staring at each other and laugh, then in the end we said okay~ LLLLOL

the lady is taking picture of me XD

the convo started... and we went in to hall. while waiting, xinli and i started to take picture again. :P

xinli n i

after the convo, we went off the hall back to the exibition there and eat again. that time only see jess's parents there and having their food. and they're keep complaining about the food why so cheaplak and few choices only. so we need to wait about half an hour to see the fashion show. hayden and their friends finally reached. so we sat together to see the fashion show lo.

3 2 1 the fashion show begin~~~

let get it started, in here~~~

jess's collection

eden, yii dien's collection

gini's collection

mun yee's collection

olivia's collection*she won the 1st runner up

rellyn*she won the 2nd runner up

carol*she got the best student arward

michelle fong's collection

mei fung's collection

~The winner of the night~

michelle tan's collection*she won the 1st place

actuately got few more collection that night, i didnt post it here. hehe..... finally the fashion show -END-...... and we take pictures with jess with all her flowers and her booth. we were tired, jess was tired and her parents so wrried about her booth, her stuff and help her to keep all the stuff from her booth. so sad about the big picture of her collection, its broke... so sayang~~

jess with all of us

jess with her family

~Congratulation, jess!!~

PS: this my first time to write a blog here, friends! hope won't peisi my english.. :P

PPS: xinli's birthday.... 2nd of april.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! xoxo muackssss