Thursday, December 10, 2009


its qute a long time i never write blog since october
dont worried, i will write more when i free....
after this post, another post about my cousin's wedding coming
wait for it ok :)
enjoy reading my blog
thanks :)
with TAKO and IKA
sunday night follow my brother's car to singapore with aiming anf jeewei. happy to going some where with my friends. too bad thewhole seafood family cant go at the same time :(
we reached NTU around 11+pm, so the 1st night we will sleep at jeewei's hostel...
the nextday aiming and i will sleep at my sister's place in serangoon
monday- day 1
we took some pictures from jeewei's uni and zin willjoin us today also :D

afterthat we took cab to orchard road with a very sai lei geh car
very glam hahahaa
not the normal cab lo OKAY~~
dont knw what the car's name also
some more when we reached at ION, orchard road
got some one open the door for us ge leh....
MOS burger!!!!
*i like*
and got keychain with xmas theme one....
cute desne~~~~~

ION the escalator from floor-1 to floor-4
ah zin and i keep saying wan to have a ride
try try mah right??

after that we had our dinner in takashimaya
korean food n japanese food
nice dela~~

ok,bao bao already then go out and take some pictures with the xmas deco on the road
this is the orchard road

this blue purple xmas tree very nice.... even inside of the xmas tree also very nice
got lights... wow!!
cantik betul~
nice anot???
very nice right!!!

-bugis junction-
wow!!! macha icecream
*i like*

after bugis junction
we went to my favourite shopping place
-bugis street-
we spent..... i think 3 to 4 hours there
i think i spent sgd70 to get:
2 x set shirt and skirt
1 x dress
1 x spec
1 x jacket
3 x belts
1 x bag
wow!! happy dela~
afterthat we go back to bugis junction to have a early dinner

and we got one big spec for our own sef :D

-clarke quay-

we just have a walk around clarke quay
show aiming the shops in clark quay
very nice right??aiming

waiting for pang lai hui and foo chi zan until very tired d
back home around 7+ lo....


posed with my spec without glasses

i forgot what we ordered d
but u can see from my pics la...


aiming meet her friend, bryan after lunch...
and he is fetching us to look around in singapore...
what a good thing :)

awfully chocolate icecream
nice dela~~~
u all must try if u go singapore OKAY~~~!!

i never been sentosa before and now finally!! :)
but then so bad luck... we reached there for a while only then start rain d...
*looking for six pack guys* DON'T HAVE !!

-chicken rice-

bryan was bringing us to his favourite chicken rice shop for dinner
but the taste is totally different compare to my seremban chicken rice...
i prefer my seremban one honestly....

-dempsey road-
*a glam place which is very suite or those couple to come
and i saw many sports cars park around that area... OMG!! ferrari, lambo, rx8.........

BEN & JERRY icecream ... in dempsey road :)

we ordered "mix n match"
-with 3 flavours-
sweet cream and cookies *luv*
stawberry cheese cake
blue rashberry yogurt
the days in singapore with tako and ika was finished!!
aiming and jeewei left to malaysia today
tomorrow wait for my family to come over lo....
happy day with my seafood family
*muacks muacks*