Saturday, November 24, 2012


Appreciate??  Will you?

Happy to heard what my friend told me.
She thanks me.
:"ellie, you know, honestly i really very appreciate you help me this few days. No one wants to help me."
and she asked,
:"Why you so nice, why you help me?"
i answered :"You asked me, then i help you."

No one in school will ask me for help seriously and i don't know why! hahahaa... Anyway, i like to help. If i able to help you sure i will help you =)

I am so happy and feel abit shy when she said this to me. Like i found someone thats really appreciate what i done for them and they really see. Some people might not see you cause they only wants "someone" to help them thats it and never appreciate and never remember and never say thank you.

Anyway, thanks for giving me a good day =) glad to help you =)



Ellie is good enough to you compare to others. But you don't even appreciate and this is the 3rd time, 3rd time OKAY!!!  Hmmm. If i am the one who you find when you are boring only, please don't disturb me and mess up my mind and my time.

Something i not happy with is...
(he mentioned before)
-not everyone have to treat you good

Thats it...
Really thats it.

Sometime, you thought you want to find someone to share with and that person don't even interested and don't even care whats you're sharing. So sad okay.

Hmm.... bye to you =) There's lot more here to love me and care about me.