Monday, July 23, 2012



Finally i can go for his concert and live listening to his sound and his songs. Actually i quite enjoy it although it  end quite early. Hmmmm..... If i am alone, i think it will be more feeling good. Really hard to find someone to  accompany to his concert. Why no people like him? His songs very nice eh!! Here's the picture.... My seat is quite high from the stage but the middle part got lots of empty seats so me and my friend went down and switch our seat to front. =) *earn* hehehe

Doh, this is my classmate Daniel. Thanks for accompany me to the concert  =D 

AND!! i met my friend there, same row with me =) 
Lee Kar Yan 

After the concert then straight away go back to Seremban. *tired*

Realized i seldom use my camera already. Because of the tablet, capture already then can straight away can upload, more convenience. Btw, feel like getting a new camera but hmmmm...... *always want for new one* There's always the word, NOT ENOUGH even you already have it.

Nothing much to write this time.
Good night
bye bye

*sewing machine*

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


How do you think? 
What do you think? 
Do you think okay?
Any comment?

Saw some things today, and its just not long ago. So, do you think i should believe you? nonono, i should say this way. Do you think i should give you a chance? Hahaha....... =.=

Hmm.... just see what will happen next and please don't ever let me feel uncomfortable *thanks*. The important things is no lies behind, if yes then just bye =) Thinking there is just not long ago but so fast !! Hmm .. Is this showing that you are what kind of person? But of cause depends on what then only can comment a person. Anyway, just let it be. The god will help me to choose the correct one =)

So many things to do this week, almost die. 2 dresses to alter, one competition (diesel), fashion show and my partime job. This week is really really killing me. *killing me softly, killing me softly......... (songplaying)* Everyoen is getting marry this year, its a happy year for me. Seeing my friend get into a relationship, feel happy for her and he loves her so much. =D At the same time, my mind was asking " when i can see my 3 other friends to get a partner?" Anyways, we are always together dela~ xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxx

Thank you for today! Rest well and rest more.