Sunday, October 14, 2012

It's been awhile

The feeling is back. I am not sure i think too much or what, anyway i don't feel good. Someone care someone's feeling so choose not to close with me? Or they don't even care about my feeling cause the other one is more important. Hmmmmm...... Cannot help ><''

This 2weeks manythings happened on me.

First, car accident. My neck got hurt, and now like very serious. From what doctor said, i should rest more and canot carry heavy stuff and do head exercise. No badminton and no roller coaster. Haihhhh....  somemore need to do physio for 3months. Now sleep also pain, sit or drive also pain. Neck, collar bone, shoulder, arms and back bone. Carry medicine everywhere.

Second, my sister's wedding. Because of my neck, now do anything also very difficult. Rushing mum's dress, my own dress and cousin's dinner dress. Bow ties and else la... Don't even have time to rest after the accident. Have to work on thursday. And there's a lot of work. Hmmm.. Doctor gave me 5days MC to rest at home but i still rushing my stuff in school. After this week, i think i really need to rest at home d. Damn tiring.

Will write a post about my sister's wedding after this. Stay tune!

*panaflex extra*