Monday, June 25, 2012


Oh this is a bit different. Whats in my mind leh? Lets time make me clearer =)

After the few months, now finally i feel free. More relax now but i don't know whether i feel stressed or what, my gastric back to me again. Quite serious this time, pain for 2days already and i can't eat much. Some more gastric wind make me feel like vomit. can't stand properly because very pain. *cry*

Btw, recently got the group chat with all my seafood family members. Feel so happy can get all the updates from them although we all are not together. Some of them in Melbourne and some of them in KL and some of them in Seremban. Everyday when wake up, the first thing to do is read in whatsapp.

Good news!! School ever one week holiday, tomorrow no need to go to school. Happy that i no need to wake up early and take bus to KL. =D Will stay in the house and finish my work but !! BUT!! wednesday and thursday also need to work. *sigh*

Hope there is a bright way for me ya!


Thursday, June 14, 2012


Sometime people might not happy to talk with you, but i don't know.
Sometime people might not happy with your offer, but i don't know.
Sometime people might not willing to say yes, but i don't know.
Sometime people might not accepted, but i don't know.

hmmmm......... well, I AM NOT SURE!
I am not sure is that really true or something else, you will never know until they tell you.

Friday, June 8, 2012


Like someone and let someone stay in your heart for few years is not easy. Everyday want to know what someone's doing and where someone at.  Try to talk to someone, try to get someone's contact, try to go out with someone. When you know someone don't like you and someone is belongs to other, it was like end of the day.

After watching this movie, i feel so sad and i feel so touch. Its a thailand love story, saying about teenager's school life and love life. How good if let the girl know earlier that the boy love her too. Drama or movie always like that. HEY!! don't make me live in movie please..... i want a real life! Can i have one please?

Actually it happened on me before, twice. Like a guy for almost 4 years. Try every single way to connect with him. And try hard to find out who is he and details. Connected, talk, and chat. Getting closer and more topics. Sad case, he told me about the girl he like and wanna go for it. This is the most sad thing and i don't wanna know. Happy when everytime i see him, everyday like waiting to chat with him. Even he is in a relationship, my heart is still remain the same. Don't call me stupid please. Never request for anything. Feel happy and sad all alone. If let say there is a nextime, i will choose to let him know and ask for it! PEOPLE!! MUST ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT OKAY!! GANBATEH!! 

How good if both love each other !