Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"its been a long time"

Its really been a long time i never visit my own blog or neither others friend's blog since from last year september. I was wondering whats i had pass during this period. Of course its alots, but sure i cant recall all the small tiny matter around me. But what i can do is, make my blog back to alive!! Welcome back to my blog if anyone reading this =)


In this whole year, i tried many of my "first time"!! Im glad that i did that actually. I entered my ever first fashion design competition, STYLO. Represented my school SML and i got into the final, the 12 finalists.First time i got interview from the Star news paper. First time i saw my own collection on the stage. First time stay in the school with classmates from day to day and night to night. First time walk on the runway with the model who wearing piece of my collection. First time join fashion party. You know that kind of feeling... is hard to explain. I can only say, I am very very very HAPPY when i see my collection is on the runway, seriously!! Although im not the winner but im so happy, i felt that OMG!! That is my collection!! On the stage of runway!! My friends was here to support me!! OMG!!! That is my feeling.... Seriously i got to learn many things from here. I am happy that
i take part of this, i never regret! The period of my competition, i can see who is really always supporting me. Really thanks to those who ever help me on this, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! Should i post some photos here? hmmmmmm.... okay, few pictures =)

Of course not everything also very happy, sure theres some sad things. But i think i not going to story the sad things here. But from that moment i had learned alot from myself. I learned NOT to care so much of the others, to avoid myself from sadness. I learned NOT to give out so much to avoid myself from dissapointed. I learned to love myself more than the others. So i think i have better life now?!!I hope it is. But i will still improve myself to be better cause i think im not enough yet!

After the STYLO, I'd entered another competition. Its called FFKL( Fashion Festival Kuala Lumpur). This is the 2nd competition in my life. And this the another experience i went trough. Unfortunately, i didn't get any prize here also but nevermind, i got alot of things from this competition. The experience!! The experience is the "prize". Although i felt abit dissapointed in this competition, but im still glad that i got into the final(8 finalists) also. Here comes photos =)

From here i got my first time of 2days continuous never sleep and the next day i drove alone to KL for presentation of this. These is all my first time!! Fashion life is my new life, and im happy to be in it.


Nowadays i have use to being busy and pack of time. STRESS is always with me now. When stress comes over me then it brings GASTRIC to me. They both are FRIENDS but i DONT LIKE THEM!! So now everyday i travel from Seremban to KL and KL to Seremban as usual and its maintained about one year already. WOW!! *claps for ellie* =) Everyday "sleep" to KL and "sleep" back to Seremban. Its kind of used to it. Hmmmmmm.... Hope every next day will be always the better day!! I will story about more on next post, wait for me ya !!

to be continue........