Wednesday, October 14, 2009

F & S R.O.M


10th october 2009, singapore

that was my second sister and her husband, finally!! wuhooo~~ happy for both of them... congratulation!! that day was really happening, everyone were happy enjoyed the day...

wuhoo!!! yeppy~~~ 
i purposely went to singapore to attend the R.O.M. staying with my sisters and my family... nice~ hanged out with all my sisters and brother, chitchating and dinner with my family... :)*smile*

here comes my photos section..

bee~ my 3rd sister

jun~ my youngest brother

furn~ my eldest sister

fong~ my 2nd sister

5 of us~

at night we went to BBQ at pasir ris which is like a theme park or water park.. i'd called my brother, ryan to join us too!! he drove his car from jurong to pasir ris. u know, pasir ris another end of singapore, n jurong also... u can imagine how far isit...

a little joke of bee

e:" see there got a man tau~"
e:" on your head la!!!! WAHAHAHAAHAHAH"
b: (=.=''')

ok sorry for the lame joke.....

can see the water world behind this pic?


they got the same birthday
so we bought her favorite chocolate cake from "awfully chocolate"
damn delicious u knw?!! haha u dont know.... 
but nextime if u come to singapore u must try ok??
ice cream n the cakes......

Thursday, October 8, 2009

E x C

Meeting my old friend

my secondary school classmate
cheong lai yee

on my birthday she cant attend my birthday party because she have exam..... aigoooo.. the party missed her!!!! haihh nvm... today i went out with her, long time never see her already. more pretty already hehehe, right? and she got her new hair style... seldom spend time with her now, because she got boyfriend already... hehe...

see now all my friends have boyfriend d!

we had lunch in jusco, old town kopitiam!! nice...... and then i look for clothes for my mami birthday... looked for 2days already...
finally, i got one blouse!!

hope u like it la


PS: looking forward to friday..... wuhooo!! im going to singapore on friday... meeting with my family and friends.... attend my sister's R.O.M in Explanade..... wuhoo!! BBQ on sunday, celebrate my mami and my eldest sister's birthday......

8 YUET 15

3rd october

friday night jess came to seremban.... we go lepak in jusco and later that went to yap wei kang's house for gathering "their ganthering" lol........

take picture with the "bo lok"

and then next day........

saturday night, moon cake festival day!! we had party at chun mai, my autie's house.... gathering with all my relatives...... got food, drinks, beers, wines, candles, tanglong........ and happiness!!

candle on the nail

heart shape-love

me^playing candles

me^with tanglong

mable and esther

ellie and canmy posed with tanglong

canmy the sexy pose!!

the game