Friday, August 3, 2012



你的笑容是恩惠 世界難得那麼美 
於是追 要你陪 可惜本能終會將美麗汗水化成淚水

黑夜之所以會黑 叫醒人心裡的鬼
在遊說 在縈迴 在體內是什麼 在把我摧毀在傷痕累累

我可以無所謂 寂寞卻一直掉眼淚
人類除了擅長頹廢 做什麼都不對 Oh ... I'm not okay

我假裝無所謂 才看不到心被擰碎
人在愛情裡越殘廢 就會越多安慰 無論(有)多虛偽

空虛並非是詞彙 能夠形容的魔鬼
它支配著行為 能擺脫寂寞我什麼都肯給 就像個傀儡


*love this song so much*
*lyrics DIM!!*

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


How do identify a person whether is true anot? Can you teach me how? For those who know me will know whats my attitude and whats my thinking. Hardly accept anyone in my life and hardly open my heart and do considering. What i can say is " DISAPPOINTED ". Thought there will be something interesting appear in my life but too bad, its just " hi " and going to say "bye" ??? Hmmmmm..... What do you think?

Why people have to be so complicated?
Want then go for it.
Don't want then just leave it.
Don't mess everywhere....

Hmmmmm...... First time, really first time.