Sunday, July 11, 2010



very good mood in taking photos with my friends in my school :) YEAH!!

nowadays very stress with my homeworks :(
this is my designs.....


very tired and stress....
everyday not enough sleep end up always gastric and not feeling well

after jasmi's class(design class)
jasmi: "happy lunch!!"
then we can go for lunch :D
our favorite place for lunch
yeah yeah

thats my bus tickets
thats a week already ~~
rm12 x 5 = rm60/week
rm60 x 4 = rm240/month
do cost alot right? but better than u live in KL

in the bus :)
do look like paul frank right? hahahaha
so funny~~

the day before we went to sushi zanmai

i love zanmai very muchie~~
have special offer only for lowyat's sushi zanmai
50% off (selected)

beside my study life...
here my life in seremban my hometown
my buddies

this is what xinli got for her seafood family from bangkok
i already choose one, the 1st one-blue~~ ehehe
:D im the 1st one who choose
thanks li

hanging out with li, yap and plh
my favorite place :)

* i like this pic!! heheheheh

happy when i go out with them :)

i think you wont see ellie will post emo here anymore~
i hope i wont :)


Friday, July 2, 2010


back to school

i am so HAPPY about it
*jumping up and down*

-its started since march-
thanks god finally i can make it to study, my fashion design!! should thanks my brother RYAN LIM, thanks alot :) he the one who pay for my course. now no more free time except weekend.... damn busy for my assignment
but nevermind, i enjoyed!!
first day to school, GANJIONG betul.....around 9am i already there and school open at 10 so i went to Mcdonalds for my breakfast.. thats my first day (good memory) :)

first day in school i never talk to anybody and nonody talk to me too... damn scared! but luckily the madam tan, my teacher(principle) treat me very good.. so the nextday i try to talk to my "friends" hahahhaaa...

-ellie can make friends anywhere, anytime-
so now im very happy with my classmates, love them so muchieeeeeee
but most of them are younger than me, i felt like im getting old and older already *so sad*
here is the picture but only part of it... will upload more later :)

first first i stay with my friends in KL but now i back to seremban(hometown) already...
starting i used to take KTM and change to monorail at kl central but unluckily damn scary things happened on me....

"a guy follow at my back on the way i walk from kl central to the monorail station.i heard some one behind me, and got sound. so i thought he's in the hurry so i walk a side n let him to get over me. but then he never, and keep following me... oh damn god! i was scared then i walk faster and he keep following me as fast as i walk. luckily got few person coming over then i faster turn back and see who the hell behind me and keep following me. u knw what i see!!??? a very scary long hair guy with a spec and he is so ganjiong when i see him... he faster use the back pack to cover his underpart and he was like very panic zipping up his zip and run away... OMG!!! damn scary.. luckily he din do anything to me"

after this, i'd never take train to KL central already. i changed to bandar tasik selatan then take LRT to hangtuah.... this is much more better....
and everyday 0830 leave from seremban to bandar tasik selatan then change to LRT..... everyday when i wait for the train, sure i will see a same guy standing opposite and he is waiting for KTM. when he is there, he will see whether im there anot and the same thng when i was there i will see whether he is there anot too... so dramatic man~!! by the way he looks good!! wahahahahahhahaa

that's the place!!

already 4months i have been started... alots of things i had learn and alots of friends too from my school.
i have already make 4 garments for myself

-highwaisted skirt-
-long top-

i will post on the next post :)
i lovin' it

now i doing what i like to do everyday.
cool~~ i like it!

but at the same time so suffering because too many of homeworks to do and have to buy a lots of tools, thats make me so broke now :(
my lecturer ask us to buy the markers. do u know how much? one piece almost rm10
and my classmate got it in a set rm350 for 36 pieces
after that i found out in singapore sell much more cheaper so i look for it in singapore
beside that can go singapore for shoping :D

i bought 2 sets
-36' set- (SGD122) (RM292.80)
-12 ' set- (SGD40) (RM96)
so convert to RM i think almost RM388.80 for 48markers
can save more :)

hayden now working in singapore already so i meet him and asked him to accompany me to find the markers
fun!!! :)

i learn alot from design class.. but the design class only for 10months so end of this year i might finish my design class d.. have manythings to do n the whole project OMG!! my design n my collection.. *headache*

this is the 1st etching from me without any knowledge of etching..

then this is the one after i tried few.....

after this i have to transfer to illustration board..
so gan jiong!!!
havent finish yet... :)
dont know the result will nice anot

today is so boring, saturday night i never go out and no one ajak, stay in the house and write my blog, what a SATURDAY !!
xinli went to bangkok already and left me alone...
i miss my seafood family
♥ ♥ ♥

i hope i can always update my blog since now.. i missed a lots of thing to share.
wait for my blog ya!!

ellie will post again soon :)