Friday, September 17, 2010


so fast almost one year already!
i am getting old and older
everytime when i see people's birthday party, wow~ very excited and very happy.. but WHY i am not?? hmmmm
i'll excited for people. excited for what going to plan and whats going to make her happy...

can i request for a little small "thingy" that will make me happy and very gam dong from you all?
can i??
LOLX say until like very sad like that...
dont get it wrong
i still got my beloved friends celebrate with me

my friend requested a list from me, so that she know what to get to me for my birthday :)
so lovely

~ok! here my list~
  • FUJI- polaroid camera
  • BAUSCH K - small little dragonfly pendant (BK NL155) ♥
  • OPI-nail polish- red& black
  • CASH- $$$ :D
  • ARMANI- diamond
  • LANEIGE- sliding pack
  • BOBBI BROWN- conceller
  • CHANEL- compact powder
  • BAUSCH K- very thin necklace (BK C24) this one the code im not confirm but its the thinnest among the necklaces
  • watch
  • black leather bag with studs
  • dresses
  • clothes
  • nice accessories
  • cosmetics
PS: -moo : i hope i can get the bobbi brown and laneige from you BLEK
PPS:-xinli: li i hope i can get the both from bausch K :D

nothing much left i wish to get i think.
NO!! should say i have nothing left in my mind that i really want at the moment LOL..... will update again if i got any new "thing" from my mind :D