Thursday, September 12, 2013


Its September.

Its September man. Its my birthday month. I am September baby but I'm afraid of this month. Since don't know when i started afraid of my birthday coming seriously. I can say every time when my birthday sure something not happy happened on me.

I don't feel excited anymore to my birthday. Every time what i plan also failed. Felt so sad about that anymore so no more want to think about that anymore now. Just hope few of my close friends and my family have a simple dinner can already. Its more than enough!

What i should get for my self this year? hmmmmm *thinking*

AM too stress on what i having now. Working on a competition which is Kronenbourg 1664 L'aperitif Fashion 2013. Winner can stand a chance to work in London for 3-months internship. Whats a good platform for my final year. At the same time, this year i have to work for my final year project which is my graduation on November, the same month with the competition. Stressed!

Feel glad to have a really close friend in school finally since last year but she just left to London last week. And she brought me another friend which is my senior too. Thanks for everything. Please pray for my friend in London, take good care and live good!

My "heart" will never be happy for long. Feel so sad like you really giving out your heart but people treat you like nobody. Seriously, damn fucking sad! Not only girls, guys also the same. Everyday stay in the school facing all my work alone. Don't you think its a abnormal life for a normal person. This will cause me become even more e-m-o. Anyway, i am always tough facing all my problems, not a big deal for me. Worst come to worst, work until fall sick or cry every night only. LOLLL......

Thanks to those friends and my relative and family members who vote me everyday. Support me like a princess. Glad to get those "love" from them. Appreciated and love you guys so much! *true from heart*

Never been awaiting for my "big" day before. Cause i will always think there have no one will willing to give me a surprise or a touching day. All i need is sincere true from your heart, thats enough. I have done many times to my friends thats why i feel sad.

Like i am happy my friend make a cake for me last year, we went out for dinner. Took photos. =) thanks!

Presents? YESH!!!!
^^ i will happy if i get any from you you you you...... any of you! hahahaha

wish me luck on my competition 


  1. Everything will be ok and god will bless you!! Be strong and stay strong *Pencil that moves from right to left*