Friday, December 6, 2013


Its doesn't seems happy.

I am coming soon LONDON!

BIG Thank you to MADAM.
Thank you to all my FRIENDS...

"will blog about this in the next blog............................."

After the competition, i saw more than i expected. i heard more than i expected. Felt a bit disappointed but anyway, EXPECTED! Still will feel sad even though i knew it will happened. My problem? or really just not many people can accept me? If ask myself, honestly i think i am good enough to become a friend. Serious! i am not kidding. But why? 

3 weeks! 
3 weeks i never back to school already. I fly to Singapore on that day after my competition. Went to Singapore one week. Met many friends over there, so happy. After Singapore, i back to school. Can tell everytime when i back to school, i don't feel happy. After the week i fall sick. Cough until asma and serious flu on me T.T *cries*

And now the 4th week. The awkward "friend" leave school already and now i feel more comfortable. There's always a transparent jacket on me and makes me invisible. Even still, i am always the left out one. Can see none of them were happy to see me win the competition except the other group of them. But honestly, i am scared to know i am the winner. i am scared that what in my mind will happen after that. Cause the original situation already worst and now i think will be even worst. 

What makes me blog again. Although i am strong enough, i am still weak. I am weak on control my own feeling but can't help, its my real feeling straight from my heart. On that day, i cried. NONONO, should say, i tears.... haha I cried on the bus when i am going to the school. Tears drop.... None of them congrats me in facebook. None of them like my photo. I just REALIZED, none of them follow my instagram!! sad right ? my tears just can't control and luckily i am wearing sunglasses and no one beside me =D

I was sick, and i purposely went to kl by bus to just to pass you the gift before you leave. Doesn't you feel happy to recieve kind of things? I don't even dare to meet you. I just leave it there and ask you to collect. I did farewell to her but she has no respond. Not even a thank you. i knew i won't be seeing you anymore so i gave you such a farewell gift. But ...... aihhh... just forget about it. 

Its all about my school life. My school life doesn't seem happy anyway. i feel lonely because whenever i feel sad i can't find one to talk about. My dairy or blogspot will be my best friend when i feel sad. 

"you are stronger than what you believe"
i hope i can be stronger and tougher


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