Saturday, January 26, 2013


Its a "big" day.... what a "surprise"!!
Went for a surgery for my neck 2 days ago. 

Since after my car accident, my neck injured. So every 2weeks fixed i will be going for check up. Do physio every week and take medicine everyday. Since October until January, my shoulder and neck still feel pain. My mum keep saying "Don't carry heavy bags to school, don't put too many things in your handbag!" But no choice, i have to take bus to KL for my class everyday. And i need to work every wednesday and thursday, do you think i can anyhow not to carry things? I need to study and at the same time i need to work for my part time job. If you think i shouldn't take heavy things, but ANYONE EVER HELP ME to carry things when i need people to help. When i come home, need to unload my stuff from my car, anyone come out and help me? When im in school, anyone ever said "come i help you to carry"? 

Seriously, i am already used to not to get any help from others. People who really help me i will appreciate and thank you. For me, you give me a little help then i will very appreciate already cos normally really don't have much could really help you. When i say thank you means i really appreacite =) 

I remembered, i'd been argued with my dad and my brother. I was so sad about my neck cos it keep annoying me and drag me alot of time to get done my stuff. I remembered, i have i alot of things to carry. A sewing machine, 2 rolls of paper, one bag of materials and another bag of fabric. Well when i take my stuff from the boot, my dad shouted :"faster la" then i angry already. I carried all by my self and shouted :" see i carry alot of stuff but never help me and some more shouted at me!" then i cried. I was sad because when ever my brother came back, everyone go out and help him to carry all the bag to his room. 
ME? =( 
I understand, he seldom come back and he is the one who take care the whole family. Hmmmm
*just the feeling*

Okay back to the main topic. 
Last week when i went for check up, doctor wrote me a letter and asked me to do MRI for my neck. Cause its already few months and after med and physio my neck still cant get better. After MRI will be clearer what cause my neck still pain.

What is MRI? This is what i did.
There is 2 types, and u can see the different from the picture. 

And i did the MRI with machine from the picture above. (the bottom one) 

I drove to hospital alone early in the morning, time 645am. Reported my self to the nurse and clothed on with what patient need to wear and wait for the MRI. After served me the breakfast, i slept alone in the room from 8am to 12pm. In the end, nurse came in and told me "be ready, we are going to do MRI soon"

After 10 to 15 mins, nurse brought me to the MRI room. I wait outside for around 15 mins and its damn cold and imagine im wearing a thin fabric and without inner wear. 

It takes around 15 mins to 20 mins on that table. Lying on the table and there's like a cage to lock my head in right position. Few lock on my body to avoid my body moving while the MRI is running. 

Went back to my room and wait for the report. The report have to wait about 2 or 3 hours for them to analyse. When dinner time, my parents came to visit me and doctor came in and said,

: " Your daughter need to do operation for her neck." 
: " Do laser to burn the disc from her neck bone" 
: " I will inject the thing from right side of your neck, and find the correct position, then i use laser to burn the disc" "Very fast one, its takes around 1 or 2 hours." 

Then my sister asked :" Will it be any after effect after the operation?"

He said maybe my voice will change a abit different because he go in from my neck through my throat. I was a bit worried but i still need to do it right? Cause the pain is really so annoying. My parents is worried and my sister too. And they decided to let me do this surgery so I HAVE TO STAY IN HOSPITAL!  I taught i can  go home after the MRI scan. But.............. no choice staying in hospital and wait for the operation tomorrow.

First time go to hospital alone.
First time stay in the hospital alone. 

hmmmmm...... well, its not scary. I sleep alone in a single bed room for few nights i think its quite comfortable. Not scary at all!

ok, i need to rest now, blog will be continue by tomorrow. 


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