Saturday, April 21, 2012


Its been after 4 or 5 year, now i meet another one. But every time the same, is this a CURSE??

If i message you meaning i want to chat with you. (if not i don't even care)
If i keep asking you meaning i really want a long chat.
If i say "you fuhin ngor, never reply also" meaning i want you to care me more and text me more.
If i try to ask you for a accompany meaning i want to see you.

Why guy is always so KAYU one?

If you really want to get me, please show me you "heart". Don't just use your mouth and talk, please do some action. Everyone can talk, talk can be very easy but you've to do it.

I am okay if i couldn't start. Even if i missed. Because i will keep going and never look back. If any decision have make, i will keep it and look forward. I wont force myself to accept something that i know i will not happy or don't like later, so i better choose not!

Even sometimes you talking so sweet to me but i m not sure whether you are the same to other girls anot. I don't feel any secure from you. When you are asking me to go anywhere and when i reconfirm, you've already get another plan. So i don't know whether you are really want to have a date with me or only want "someone" can accompany you. Please make it clear man!! I am confused. Sometimes you never reply me and sometimes you don't even bother me. Hmmmmm......

Sad case.

Let's see what uncle benny said is true anot.


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