Sunday, April 1, 2012



i saw this in the church today. instead of yesterday and today and tomorrow but there are yesterday and today and forever. No matter what, everything we done and everything we did. there's always either get or lost. We must happy what we get and we should happy what we lost. HAPPY on what we get and we appreciate, HAPPY on what we lost and there's a reason for us to do it better on next. YESTERDAY is the same, TODAY still the same and it will be FOREVER. Bring along this thinking then you will be feel better in your life and your future.

The person we'd lost, it doesn't mean we lost everything. Who knows we can get another better one afterthat?


*working on it*

After finish everything, my STYLO show case, shoe competition. I am glad that our group won the 2nd prize in creative art category. Thanks to the teammates who work out together and never sleep for the few days. Happy to work with them =) Congratulation to lorenzo team who won the 1st prize in creative art category and 2nd prize in the miniature category. Feel sad for the juniors because i can see they work very hard on their creation and its really nice! But nevermind guys, take this as a experience and do it better nextyear =)

From this 3weeks, i can really see who is really your friend. The true one. When you need help, whose the one who really give help on you and whose the one who don't even bother. =) thank you very much !! =) Thanks to all the friends who gives help on me! thanks alot!!

A big thanks to Rayden and Xuan soh seriously. They both helps alot =) thanks and also madam. besides my dearest one, xinli and jesslyn and even olivia dela~ thanks =) others is my sml's mates and juniors and winnie and her sister wendy =) THANKS

In this period, i stayed in SML almost a month.Thanks for the place, madam

*the cute little twin babies*

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